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  3. Curtain Reveal New Open Source Project Logo
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  6. We love date nights! Here are 3 simple, cheap and fun date nights that Chad and I do together! Maybe some of these will spark an idea with you! Here Are 3 Super Fun Date Nights To Try
  7. Serial entrepreneur, Chris Ball, shares from first-hand experience, about the importance of discovering and sharing with clients the unique strategic position of your business.
  8. Do yo struggle with being a patient mom? You are not alone. Try these five tips to get you back on track with love, kindness and patience. Your kids need a patient mom!
  9. If your entrepreneurial experience has been one of try and fail, this post is for you; Ruth Wong talks about the importance of your inner game in this insightful exploration of why your business is not succeeding.
  10. Ready to Regain Your Sanity in Your Home & Business? Amy Wright, the fun and fabulous mother of five and lifestyle concierge for busy entrepreneurs, will get real about finding time for your actual life, banishing mom guilt, managing your business like a boss, rediscovering your sex life, finding daily organization and calm and so much more in her FREE LIVE TELESEMINAR this coming Tuesday, July 1st @ 2pm EST. http://awesomelifestyle.club/?ap_id=themogulmom
  11. Stumped on how get the most out of your posts? Check out this handy infographic for what types of posts work best, and at what time.
  12. Study shows minority children underrepresented in autism identification - Autism Daily Newscast
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  14. The Wiccan elements correspondence tables (Air pictured)
  15. Tiny Tips for Library Fun: It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Field Trip Adventure!
  16. Whether or not you're seeing a return from your Facebook advertising, this article from Claire Pelletreau is a must-read--spelling out the 3 most common missteps when using Facebook and how to avoid them. http://www.themogulmom.com/2014/06/using-facebook-ads-3-common-missteps-instead/
  17. CorpNet's Nellie Akalp shares 5 tips for leaving work behind when you vacation--read it and experience the power of true time off.