1. Christine Murray
  2. James Earp left, Morgan Earp right, this is an albumen print that was never mounted. Of the many Morgans I have, this is probably my favorite, and id say of all the Earp boys Morgan was the most jocular. Original image from the collection of P.
  3. Peacock Pride by Angelina Vick - Peacock Pride Photograph - Peacock Pride Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale
  4. Wolf song More
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  6. Clanton grave, Boot Hill Graveyard Park, Tombstone, Arizona … The Cow Boy gang somehow managed to use these deaths to turn the public of Tombstone against the Earps
  7. Wild Bill was an an ansestor of mine.Arguably the first and greatest gunfighter of the Old West, Wild Bill Hickok wears his own clothing in this photo, not a stage costume, like he wore in most of his photos.
  8. "The Wild still lingered in him and the Wolf in him merely slept." ~from White Fang by Jack London ~photog Shadow Within Project by Christian Houge
  9. this is not my happy smile!
  10. Calamity Jane, dressed as a woman
  11. ♂ Masculine Animals Wildlife Photography: Gray Wolf Jumping Over Fallen Tree On Snow, by Klein Hubert
  12. "Old West Cowboy" (photos with supporting text, part
  13. The soft blue roan of my fur stood out against the snow as I swung my ears back…
  14. "Gus" Glidea, born in Dewitt County, Texas in died of natural causes at Douglas Arizona in - Lawman, cowboy and later an outlaw - He was working as a cowboy by 1866 and served as a Texas Ranger in Company D and F often fighting Indians.
  15. James "Jim" B. Hawkins, an original member of the Texas Rangers Company
  16. Cowboy with pistol drawn!
  17. "Wapiti Lake Pack" by Curt Howell: Heading into YNP on an early morning Bombardier run with fresh snow and fresh wolf tracks. This morning the Wapiti Lake pack was hunting its namesake bull elk (wapiti). At first it was just a glimpse of a ghost standing in the road and then breaking for cover, and finally two more, and soon it was 16 wolves howling back and forth. At last the pack came out of the dense woods and walked along the Madison River.